County Court Judgement Information (CCJ)

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What is a County Court Judgement?

A County court judgement is a court order registered against an individual when they have failed to repay money that they owe. These will stay registered on record for 6 years but if your are on top of your debts and can pay off your debt within the month they will strike it of your record again. 

What does having a CCJ means and what can you do about it?

It means you owe a party money and that they can apply to the court for them to rule over whether the debt can or should be repaid. It likely means you will have to pay off these debts in installments or be threatened with bailiffs. The other options are to accept having your wages docked to slowly pay your debt or to tell the creditor you are “uncollectible” so they are aware that the loan has almost no chance of actually being paid. With Regards to getting a mortgage when you have a CCJ against you; this is entirely possible however you will find that the interest rates are higher than normal rates (this can be up to 5% higher than normal).  Having a CCJ will appear on your credit history but will not actually affect your credit rating. Make an Enquiry Here