Shared Ownership Mortgage Information

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Just what is a Shared Ownership Mortgage and how can it help you get into the UK housing Market?

A shared ownership mortgage can help you get a house by allowing you to buy a proportion of a property and then further down the line purchase more of the property if you like, thus minimising your monthly exposure to home ownership in a controlled fashion. The benefit against taking on the whole property purchase debt initially is that the rental portion on these properties is on a low cost basis helping your budgeting. Buying a property through the shared ownership method allows you to get a “step up” into the housing market and to purchase a house or flat that would be normally be out of your price range using the standard property purchase method. We will find you the best lender to help you do this, be it on a deposit or even a no deposit basis, you can purchase these properties, which is often through Housing associations or Local Authorities, by sharing the ownership with them.. Shared Ownership Mortgage Make an Enquiry Here